ismeretterjesztő szemle
ismeretterjesztő szemle

We're still selecting the best popular science videos from the last two months, and this week we are mainly focusing on those by John and Hank Green.

SciShow: here's the story of three scientists whose passion is simply unmatched, and whose studies have changed the way we see primates, including ourselves. And if you're into creepy stuff like whether it is possible to create a human-chimpanzee (manpanzee) hybrid, this other SciShow video is also for you.

Numberphile: the distribution of prime numbers on the number line is not completely random. It's easier to see it if you use something else than a number line.

Crash Course!: why does the American Civil War matter? This is the second part of a two-video block, here is the first one.

Big Think: ideas have their own Darwinian evolution process, and they also have sex.

Vsauce: is reality real? Here's my two cents BTW: in my (probably rather naive) opinion, thoughts are subject of a Darwinian evolution process the same way as ideas, and this process is happening on-the-fly every moment in our head, but on a collective level too, as what we do the most is interaction. Reality is a consensus, and as such, it is an evolutionarily stable strategy of a population of thoughts.

SciShow: the transhumanist toolkit.

Mental Floss: 31 strange medical conditions. This is the first part of the 3-episode Summer Bummer Series: the second episode explains how to measure the possibility of death with micromorts, and the third lists 31 strange deaths.

Last week we already mentioned a 2Veritasium video about how a transistor works, but this week 1Veritasium made a video on the same subject, with amazing demonstration, and even more excellent explanation. Make sure to check this out too!



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