ismeretterjesztő szemle
ismeretterjesztő szemle

Best popular science videos of the week 14.

Our favourites this week were:

Smarter Every Day: shooting an AK-47 underwater in slow motion.

TEDTalks: lot of the street drugs are payed for with Tide detergent. And other surprising facts, involving Bitcoin or loyalty points.

Computerphile: Ian Livingstone, co-author of The Warlock of Firetop Mountain and other famous roleplay gamebooks, talks about how to make a career in the video game industry.

TED-Ed: A.J. Jacobs did things like read the whole Encyclopedia Britannica, or kept all the rules of the Jewish religion for months, and lived for a year following every possible health advice. He talks about this last adventure of his.

Veritasium: how does a quantum bit work? (Previous episodes of this series on quantum computing are available, and were covered by us too.)


TED-Ed: what can atheists learn from religions?

Head Squeeze: accents different from our own can be spotted in 30 milliseconds, even when a recording is played backwards. But why are there different accents? (Watch the extras part too, it's awesomesauce!)


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