ismeretterjesztő szemle
ismeretterjesztő szemle

So here come the best popular science videos of last week.

Vsause: what if the Sun suddenly disappeared?

SciShow: what shall we do about space trash?

TEDTalks: self assembly, or we can call it 4D printing too. (This talk is truly like a window to the future, and it discusses a popular sci-fi topic. Its pair could be this other TED presentation, in which the presenter at some point gets a question about mind uploading, and he kind of implies that that's being worked on too.)

Stratfor: this video is not exactly popular science, as Stratfor is an intelligence company. Still I think this series of short videos about Mexican drug cartels fits here very well: Overview, Sinaloa, Los Zetas, and the one below is about the Gulf cartel.

MinutePhysics: the next episode of the universe series, about parallel universes.

Crash Course!: this might be so far the most exciting episode of the U.S. history series, and it discusses the years following the Revolutionary War, when american politics were actually born.

TEDTalks: quite a lot of channels had something special prepared for Aprils' Fools Day, and my efforts to avoid those went in vain when TED posted this talk by an Ig Nobel prize winner, about homosexual necrophilia - in birds.



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