ismeretterjesztő szemle
ismeretterjesztő szemle

Best popular science videos of the week 7.

What were last week's best popular science videos on Youtube?

Numberphile: generating random numbers with radioactive materials. And what is a random number anyway? (There's a second part.)

C. P. G. Grey: how does the Vatican work?

TEDTalks: are chimpanzees better at bargaining, and are they better strategists? Game theory and brain research in a video accidentally missed couple of weeks ago.

Head Squeeze: why can some people drink more than others? What is taste?

MinuteEarth: why are deserts where they are, and what is a Hadley cell?

SciShow: why do some species have more chromosomes than others?

TED-Ed: the great-grandson of Henry Ford talks about the next big challenge of the automotive industry: global gridlock. How we are going to solve it?



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