ismeretterjesztő szemle
ismeretterjesztő szemle

Best popular science videos of the week 9.

Here's a selection of seven best popular science videos of the previous week:

Crash Course!: this episode of the U.S. history series tells you the story of the fast industrialisation that happened between the 1810s and 1830s, and how it shaped the U.S. and our every day life.

TEDTalks: is innovation dead, and has growth come to an end? Yes. No.

Head Squeeze: how can you extract DNA from a strawberry in your own kitchen? Let me know in the comments if you tried it at home!

VSause: what is money, what kinds of money are there, and how much is there?

Veritasium 2: Newton laid the foundation of mechanics, optics, and invented calculus, a new kind of mathematics, when he was 24. Einstein proved the existence of atoms and molecules, the particle nature of light, and created the theory of special relativity, all at the age of 26. Why are revolutionary scientists young?

AsapSCIENCE: which hurts more: giving birth or being kicked in the balls?

SciShow: here's a follow-up to last weeks How big can a person get? VSause video, about the size of mammals.

And don't forget to check out this TED-Ed talk by Michael VSause Stevens about online education.



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